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About Us Lubido

About Us

The Lubido brand we are so passionate about today has its roots that go all the way back to 1978. It started with one man and his desire to bring safe sex into as many lives as possible…

About Us

Safer Sex At Our Very Core

In the beginning


Jiffi condoms were once a household name when it came to sexual liberation in the 70s and it all began when Michael Booth, vending machine business owner and brainchild of the now famous brand, set up shop in Yorkshire.


‘Jiffs’ as the condoms were colloquially known at the time, were aimed at the youth market with their tongue-in-cheek marketing slogans and flip-top cigarette packet as part of the ‘youth appeal’, allowing for easy dispensing from machines in clubs and pubs.


At its peak, the business boasted 30,000 vending machines operating in the UK as well as contracts with The World Health Organisation. However, Jiffi’s mission was greater than condom sales alone, it was at the forefront of changing the taboo narrative of sex and increasing sexual safety too. After Jiffi did its part in empowering a new cultural movement, it eventually came up against growing global giants such as Durex and the now freely available condoms offered by the state and other safe sex charities. However this was not the end of the road, simply time to switch lanes…



The next big thing


Fast-forward to 2014 and Michael set the wheels in motion to launch his next brand and product, Lubido lubricants with Matthew Tschida, a trusted and commercially minded young colleague who knew the industry inside out from the heady days of Jiffy.


Still with roots firmly planted in the Yorkshire soil, the duo set about using their extensive lubricant knowledge from working with condoms to create a brand new range of intimate pleasure lubes for the now sexually explorative British market.


Getting it right


With every year that has since passed, Lubido has grown to become a market leader for intimate lubricants in the UK, with Matthew (now company director) at the helm.


Along the way, the lube formulations have been tested and adapted as a result of customer feedback and innovation, resulting in a vegan friendly, hypoallergenic range that expertly balances longevity with skin sensitivity by using ingredients derived from natural sources. Also vital has been the in-depth research to ensure that all Lubido lubricants are pH balanced as this helps to mimic the environment which they are used in, and reduces the chance of infection.



Above and beyond


Going forward, there are many positive changes that Lubido seek to implement as the needs of both the pleasure consumer and the planet shift. This includes obtaining an official cruelty-free status, which aims to reinforce the vegan friendly credentials of the range.


Also top priority is research and development into ways to ensure that all product packaging can be fully sustainable and recyclable too.

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