Looking Back

The Lubido brand we are so passionate about today, has its roots that go all the way back to 1978. It started with one man and his desire to bring safe sex into as many lives as possible…

So the condom brand Jiffi was created, and it took the nation by storm, setting the modern-day precedent for being reliable and innovative. The fun but not frivolous brand, graced mass exposure and helped fuel the solid stance we all now have on contraceptives and sexual health.

With safety at its core, the brand began spreading its wings into a variety of flavoured and luminous condoms as well as many other products. The business went from strength to strength, and opened factories around the world that specialised in making high grade latex products, that were then sold in every town and city in the UK.

At one point the business had 30,000 vending machines operating in the UK as well as contracts with The World Health Organisation. The march was on, to change the dated taboo nature of sex and to increase safety.

After Jiffi did its part in empowering a new cultural movement, condoms and the like were then becoming freely available, not just by the state, but by many other ambassadors to the cause.

Job done.

Moving Forward

Fast forward 35 years and you arrive in a completely new world of exploration and openness towards sex and the ways in which its enjoyment can be maximised…

A whole new breed of wonder has exploded. Lubricants are one offspring that are nourishing the pleasure in pleasure.

With decades of knowhow and an embedded understanding of the customer through years of lubricant testing on condoms, Lubido was conceived.

Our ambition was and is to cover all bases; like a good lube should do. And to let the wisdom flow.

With our boffins hard at work behind the scenes testing quality and performance, our youthful team is continuously evolving and improving the brand, for you.

The mission is simple – to provide affordable, safe and reliable products that truly add value to peoples’ everyday lives.

Come and join us on this joyous journey <3

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